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What is child sexual abuse material?

Child sexual abuse material consists of images, videos, and live-stream footage that shows the sexual abuse or sexual exploitation of children.

The content can range from children posing in sexually suggestive ways to ‘contact’ offenses involving direct sexual assault. In such cases, the predator is generally known to the child.

However, an increasing number of cases investigated by police involve the sexual exploitation of children online by a stranger.

How is child sexual abuse material procured and shared online?

Child sexual abuse material is obtained and shared in several ways:

  • A predator records their sexual abuse of a child and then uploads or shares it online.

  • A predator contacts a child through an app or service on a connected device and tricks or coerces them into producing and sending sexually explicit images and videos of themselves. Predators encourage this through ‘grooming’ the child to trust them, and through manipulation and intimidation. 

  • A predator shares images or videos of children ‘stolen’ from social media accounts.  The trade-in of child sexual abuse material online is global and abhorrent. Every time an image or video of a child being abused is shared or distributed, demand is fostered for new and more extreme material.

When to report child sexual abuse material?

Child sexual abuse material can be reported anonymously to Crime Stoppers.

Survivors are haunted by the knowledge that material depicting their abuse remains in circulation. Every image removed helps reduce the risk of revictimization and can help survivors regain control. When to report a predator If you know or suspect someone is producing, downloading or sharing child sexual abuse material you can make a confidential report to Crime Stoppers on 918 336 CLUE or at

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